Puzzle Van Gogh Starry Night
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Puzzle Van Gogh Starry Night

$32.00 USD

MoMA Exclusive: This 1000-piece Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzle features a reproduction of his artwork The Starry Night (1889), a work in MoMA’s collection. 

One of Van Gogh’s most well-known paintings, The Starry Night depicts the view from the artist’s window in the Saint-Paul asylum in the French countryside “a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big,” as the artist wrote to his brother Theo.

This puzzle includes a unique easy-to-assemble nine-compartment sorting tray for organizing the puzzle pieces inside the box. Made from 95% recycled greyboard and printed with non-toxic ink. Assembled, the puzzle measures 22.5l x 28.1"w.