Hat Attack

Hat Attack, a brand bound to casual & classic style, has offered a trend-setting collection for over 40 years. Hat Attack was founded in 1981 by young entrepreneur husband-and-wife team, BJ and Bill Gedney. Influenced by their passion to create modern yet abiding pieces, BJ and Bill started Hat Attack in a studio apartment in Manhattan and together created a high demand for elevated quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. They started working with designers, established companies, and popular stores that were searching for a fresh look in hats.  They quickly outgrew their small confines, moving several times, including their most recent 30 year stint in the Bronx, NY. As of April 2021, the company has made their final move to Stamford, CT. Their daughter, Cooper McManus, grew up at Hat Attack and is now at the helm of the creative team. BJ, Bill, & Cooper are proud to work and live in Stamford!