A Home For Every Season
Penguin Random House

A Home For Every Season

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Join Steffy Degreff as she invites you on a year-long tour of her thoughtfully designed living spaces—an A-frame cabin in the Catskill Mountains and a Cape style home in Long Beach, New York. You’ll learn how to use decorative elements to create a home that feels warm and inviting. 

For each month, Steffy shares styling tips to reflect the seasonal changes and showcase your personal aesthetic, from the addition of whimsical vintage pieces to a spring table setting or mini pumpkins placed around a room in creative ways for fall. Enhance both the interior and exterior of your home with:

  • 50 tips on styling your space with coordinating colors, textures, patterns, and more
  • 25 DIY projects including everything from hanging flowers to cabinet wreaths
  • 12 months of ideas showcasing fun ways to swap out your home décor 
  • 8 different holidays to decorate for, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas
  • 5 seasonal recipes to make something special for your party guests to enjoy
  • Plus outfit inspiration to complement every season